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When you have finished your story, please post it to the community. Use the following template when posting your entry:

Word count: (If it's not fic, put what kind of media it is here.)
(You must put something in this space. You must give a rating; you may use the AO3's ratings,'s ratings, or any standardized movie rating system. Cutesy answers will not be accepted.

You must warn if your story contains major character death, graphic violence, and/or non-con. Blackout warnings are acceptable. If your story has no warnings, write "no warnings needed." Anything else is up to you.)

Optionally, you can also include author's notes, a disclaimer, characters/pairings, or a summary.

After your headers, you should either link to your creation or paste it directly into the entry (if you do this, you must use a cut tag). If your story is too big to fit into one entry, do not post multiple entries to the community. Post elsewhere and link to the parts.

Do not tag your post. We will tag your post.

Your post should look something like this:

Title: Back For the First Time
Author: greencanary
Prompt: Kara Thrace walks into a bar and meets... Raina!
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2004), Agents of SHIELD
Word count: 95315 words
Rating/Contents: NC-17, graphic violence, character death, public sex
Pairings: Kara Thrace/Raina, Sam Anders/Phil Coulson, Grant Ward/Gaius Baltar, Melinda May/Laura Roslin
Summary: The second-greatest story ever told.

Part One
Part Two

This community is on moderated posting. Your entry will be checked over by a moderator before being posted. If there is a problem with your submission, we will reject it and give you an explanation. This does not mean we have kicked you out of the challenge. It means you should fix whatever's wrong and resubmit.

In addition (read: not in place of) posting your work to the community, we also strongly encourage you to add it to our collection at the AO3. To add your story to the collection, follow the steps in this tutorial. Our collection is here; the collection name is intoabar.

You must post by 11:59PM CDT, May 7. If you fail to do so and do not notify a mod that you won't be finishing, you will not be eligible for the next round.
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