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MOD POST: End of an era, beginning of another!
other - lemur tongue
Hello, all! Pleased to announce that A Ficathon Goes Into a Bar will indeed be coming back!

... However, it is now going to be Dreamwidth only. If you only in fact have a Livejournal, you can feel free to use OpenID to continue to participate if you do not want to make an account over there.

More information can be found over here.

This journal will absolutely remain available for browsing the archives, but there will not be continued activity.

Thank you, LJ wing, for your participation over the years!

Master List: Spring '16 Challenge
Coulson 2
All the crossovers you didn't know you needed from the Spring 2016 round.

Way to go!

Here there be crossovers...Collapse )

MOD POST: All done!
afwiab - a mod walks into a bar
That's all she wrote, folks! The challenge is closed for new entries. We'll be back in a few days with the masterlist and news about amnesty!

Fic: "We Leave our Homes in Flames" (Teen; Gen; No Warnings)
He is a Ghost
Title: We Leave our Homes in Flames
Author: taste_is_sweet
Prompt: Illya Kuryakin meets...Claire Temple
Fandoms: Daredevil (Netflix) and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015 Movie)
Word count: 3796
Rating: Teen (For language and a small amount of gore)
Content Warning: None

Sergeant Barnes was the only Winter Soldier. But he's not the only one Hydra fucked with.

(Claire's seen a tube like that before. Probably everyone in the entire country has by now. The 'special issue' of Time Magazine that came out in December is still on the table in the break room. Its cover looks like it was painted in the 1940s, and its title is The Crucible of Bucky Barnes.

She didn't read it, but she looked at the pictures. She knows damn well what this green cylinder is for.)

Here on AO3.

Mods! Could you please add tags for Daredevil (Netflix) and the Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015 movie, please? Thank you! :D

Fic: A Super Soldier Walks into a Bar (MCU & Law & Order)
mcu-steve rogers
Title: A Super Soldier Walks into a Bar
Author: csichick_2
Prompt: Steve Rogers goes into a bar and meets... Jack McCoy (Law & Order)!
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Law & Order
Word count: 787
Rating/Contents: PG-13; mentions of canon dementia of an off-screen character

here @ AO3

Fic: Dinner and Entertainment (Supernatural/Buffy)

Title: Dinner and Entertainment
Author: antrazi
Prompt: Death walks into a bar and meets... Oz!
Fandoms: Supernatural, Buffy
Word count: 600
Rating/Contents: G, no warnings needed

LJ | AO3

Fic: Forget the Bottle (Supernatural and Jessica Jones/MCU)
The Year
Title: Forget the Bottle
Author: smalltrolven
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1919
Warnings: None
Fandoms: Set in-between Supernatural seasons ten and eleven and right after season one of Jessica Jones.

Summary: Dean Winchester walks into a bar and meets…Luke Cage (Jessica Jones).

Read it on LJ here or on AO3 right here.

Fic: The Pink Pony in the Bar
Title: The Pink Pony in the Bar
Author: capneverever; Neverever on AO3
Prompt: Steve Rogers goes into a bar and meets... Pinkie Pie!
Fandoms: Avengers Assemble (cartoon); My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Word count: ~ 1932
Rating/Contents: Gen/no warnings apply
Summary: Steve is pushed through a portal and Pinkie Pie helps him get back home.

Read here.

MOD POST: Counting down!
marvel - purple barton
You have just about three hours to submit your work!

Please remember to add content notes to your entry; as per the posting guidelines, you must warn if your entry contains major character death, graphic violence, and/or non-con, but you're welcome to add other warnings as you see fit. If your story requires no warnings, write "no warnings apply". This is mandatory and non-negotiable.

Also please note that your entry must be in the community moderation queue by midnight CDT. If you are asked to change something, or if your entry does not appear on the community by midnight, don't worry! All that matters is being in the queue.

Good luck!

Fic: The Scrying of Lot 48 (BtVS/Parks and Rec)
Title: The Scrying of Lot 48
Author: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Parks and Recreation (post-series and season 2-ish, respectively)
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~1300
Warnings: No warnings apply
Author's notes: Buffy fans unfamiliar with Ron Swanson can get a quick introduction here.
Summary: Written for intoabar and the prompt: Willow Rosenberg goes into a bar and meets... Ron Swanson! Turns out, they share a common problem, and a common approach to solving them.

Livejournal - Dreamwidth - AO3