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A Ficathon Walks Into a Bar

The Adventures of the Brilliantly Reckless (Star Trek AOS, Doctor Who)
[dr who] zomgeyebrows
Title: The Adventures of the Brilliantly Reckless
Author: cleflink
Prompt: Captain Jim T. Kirk walks into a bar and meets... the Tenth Doctor!
Fandoms: Star Trek AOS, Doctor Who
Word count: 2300
Rating/Contents: G. No notes needed

Summary: The thing is, Jim's never been all that good at turning down the opportunity to get in trouble.

On LJ | On AO3

MOD POST: Time's up!
afwiab - a mod walks into a bar
That's all she wrote, folks! We are now closed for new entries. If you submitted your story before the deadline and had it sent back for formatting problems, you can resubmit it at any time.

Check back in a few days for the masterpost!

Strangers and Angels (Supernatural, Vorkosiverse)
Title: Strangers and Angels
Author: de_nugis
Prompt: Sam Winchester walks into a bar and meets . . . Mark Vorkosigan.
Fandoms: Bujold's Vorkosiverse, Supernatural
Word count: c1725
Rating/Contents: PG-13, warning for self-harm

Strangers and Angels

No Postcode Envy (Once Upon a Time, Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Title: No Postcode Envy
Author: shifty_gardener
Prompt: Henry Mills walks into a bar and meets…Bruce Banner!
Fandoms: Once Upon a Time, MCU
Word count: 4,071
Rating/Contents: G, no warnings apply

No Postcode Envy

afwiab - a mod walks into a bar
This is your ONE HOUR WARNING, barflies. All submissions and defaults are due at 11:59 CST. If you have not submitted your story yet, please, please, please review and follow the posting guidelines.

Still time! Good luck!

(no subject)
Echo Box
Title: Dyschronometria
Author: Whuffle
Prompt: Indigo Zheng walks into a bar and meets... Vicky Po (Witchblade)!
Fandoms: Ukiah Oregon Novels, Witchblade (TV)
Word count: (If it's not fic, put what kind of media it is here.)
Rating/Contents: General Audiences - no warnings needed

At AO3

Fathers and families (That '70s Show/Supernatural)
Title: Fathers and families
Author: antrazi
Prompt: Steven Hyde walks into a bar and meets... Castiel!
Fandoms: That '70s Show, Supernatural
Word count: 501
Rating/Contents: PG/no warnings needed


(no subject)
Title: Phil Coulson Walks Into a Bar...
Author: jmathieson_fic
Prompt: Phil Coulson walks into a bar and meets... Daniel Jackson
Fandoms: The Avengers/MCU, Stargate - All Series
Word count: about 1,435
Rating/Contents: General Audiences / No warnings apply

Phil Coulson Walks Into a Bar... on AO3

MOD POST: Down to the wire!
afwiab - a mod walks into a bar
Attention, barflies! You have approximately four and a half hours to post or default!

Your post only needs to be in the mod queue before the deadline. If you get it in before midnight CST and your post is bounced for formatting errors or lack of content notes, fear not! You have not failed. Just resubmit.

There have been some LJ connectivity issues lately, we are aware; if this happens while the deadline approacheth, proceed to [community profile] intoabar for updates.

Good luck! You can do it!

Spell and Counterspell (Gargoyles/Young Wizards)
carmen sandiego
Title: Spell and Counterspell
Author: graycardinal
Prompt: David Xanatos walks into a bar and meets...Dairine Callahan
Fandoms: Gargoyles / Young Wizards series - Diane Duane
Word count: 1687
Rating/Contents: G (gen); no warnings needed.

On AO3: Spell and Counterspell

"Rirhath B Crossings, just look at the stars;
How do you spell it without any Rs?"

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