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Master List: Spring '15 Challenge
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All of the entries from our Spring 2015 round, gathered here for your convenience.

Great job, everyone!

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Fic: Diogenes (Star Trek AOS/Sherlock crossover)
Title: Diogenes
Author: severinne
Prompt: Leonard McCoy walks into a bar and meets... Mycroft Holmes! (
Fandoms: Star Trek AOS, Sherlock (BBC)
Word count: 1663
Rating/Contents: PG. No warnings needed.

Diogenes (on my LJ)

Also available on AO3

Drunken Encounters (How to Get Away with Murder, Rent)
people-jaime ray newman
Title: Drunken Encounters
Author: csichick_2
Prompt: Connor Walsh goes into a bar and meets… Benny (Rent)!
Fandoms: How to Get Away with Murder, Rent
Word count: 542
Rating/Contents: PG-13; no warnings apply
Characters: Connor Walsh, Benjamin Coffin III
Summary: While in a bar in New York, Connor has an unlikely conversation.

Connor didn’t realize just how much time he spent at Oliver’s apartment until he can’t go back there anymore.

FIC: Nurse on the Nile (Miss Marple, Cherry Ames)
schroedingers cat
Title: Nurse on the Nile
Author: DesertVixen (desert_vixen on LJ)
Prompt: Cherry Ames walks into a bar and meets Miss Marple!
Fandoms: Cherry Ames, Miss Marple - Agatha Christie
Word count: 1271
Rating/Contents: Rated Teen and Up, no archive warnings apply

Nurse on the Nile at AO3

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Never too Late if you're Still Alive (Person of Interest, Forever)

Title: Never too late if you're Still Alive
Author: draycevixen
Prompt: John Reese walks into a bar and meets... Henry Morgan.
Fandoms: Person of Interest, Forever
Word count: 918 words
Rating/Contents: PG. No warnings needed.
Pairing: John Reese/Harold Finch.
Summary: Set after the end of Person of Interest's season 4, John's come to a realization.

Never too Late if you're Still Alive

Fic: A Little Advice (For the Girl I Once Was) (MCU/Chicago Fire)
MCU: Nat in purple
Title: A Little Advice (For the Girl I Once Was)
Author: flipflop_diva
Prompt: Natasha Romanoff goes into a bar and meets… Otis Zvonecek (Chicago Fire)!
Fandoms: MCU (set post-Cap2), Chicago Fire
Word count: 1,354
Rating/Contents: PG. No warnings apply.
Summary: After the events of Cap2, Natasha Romanoff sets off to find herself. Then she finds herself in Chicago, getting advice from an unlikely source.

No spoilers really, but it makes more sense if you've seen Cap2 and Iron Man 2

She almost seemed to appear out of nowhere. The most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on in his life

Fic: A case of mistaken identity (Highlader:The series/Stargate:Atlantis)
Carry on...
Title: A case of mistaken identity
Author: darkmoore
Prompt: Methos walks into a bar and meets Rodney McKay
Fandoms: Highlander:The series/Stargate:Atlantis
Word count:774
Rating/Contents:G, no warnings apply.

Here on AO3


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